Bristol Cable membership

I am happy today as my Bristol Cable membership card has arrived!

The Bristol Cable is an alternative news source to the usual propaganda bullshit you read in the mainstream major newspapers. You won’t find advertorials here, it’s a proper local new source feature actual investigative journalism. They have a unique business model compared to other news sources. They are a coop owned collective by members such as myself.

Their website tells it better than I can:

“Recent years have seen the collapse both in trust, viability and quality of traditional media outlets, locally and nationally. We believe that an essential part of our society is to have an independent and accountable media source that reaches a wide audience and challenges power and received wisdom. Most media sources fall down at one or more of these criteria.”

“We aim to redefine local media as we know it. In stark comparison to the decline in quality and availability of local media, we aim to create journalism that is fresh, challenging and accountable and produced by people in Bristol.”

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