Chimney Sheep, the draft excluder for chimneys

With Autumn now in full swing and Winter quickly approaching it’s time to think about blocking drafts in our home in an effort to be more comfortable, save energy resources and reduce our energy bills.

Our chimney was blocked with a piece of cardboard which didn’t really do much to stop cold drafts coming in. We tried a few different blow up devices but as our chimney has a wide shape and bend they never worked fully, either falling out after a short time or bursting as we tried to squeeze them in.

After a bit of research we came across Chimney Sheep which are made in the UK with wool from sheep that live in the Lake District. I must say that this is the best solution by far that I have come across for stopping chimney drafts. It was easy to fit, stays up perfectly, is now helping to keep our home toasty warm without wasting energy.

Here’s a photo of it up the chimney.

Chimney Sheep