Nomad’s Land, Bristol housing crisis documentary

Bristol’s rents have soared 18% over the past year. Homelessness in Bristol is on the increase. Supported housing’s future hangs in the balance. Recent research found that nationally 27% of tenants are evicted without fault and 7% are forced to move due to being priced out. There is a housing crisis affecting Bristol and beyond.

Documentary film Nomad’s Land is is an inspirational look at Bristol’s grassroots response to the housing crisis. The film features contributions from local action groups such as Acorn and others. The film crew came out with us Acorn members when we were engaging with the community one evening in Easton, Bristol.

“What you find is that a lot of these landlords they won’t do anything because they think people are isolated. They think it’s individuals they are dealing with. That’s why a community union is brillaint because people are coming together. It’s not just one person on their own who can be explioted. It’s the whole community who want that landlord, who are a member of the community as well, to change the way they are acting and just treat people with a bit more respect.”

Watch the film here and to find out more about community organising in Bristol visit the Acorn website.