Pigpen Radio Crowdfunder

In April I will be launching a Crowdfunder campaign to support my social enterprise radio station Pigpen Radio, raising £1000 to ensure it’s sustainable future and guarantee it can continue to broadcast positive vibes to the world. The crowdfunder goes live on April 8th. See the Pigpen website for further details.

Pigpen Radio aims to improve happiness and wellbeing with positive music; raise awareness of important issues with conscious music; provide a platform for creators to share their works; support alternative and fairer copyright licensing; empower positive change within communities. The playlist features 90 hours of music (1200+ songs), with 10 hours of fresh music added each month and 60 listeners from all over the world per hour during peak times (midday to midnight). The £1000 will be used to cover our core costs for 3 years.

We are offering some fantastic rewards, including exclusive mix tapes and limited edition t shirts. Join us for our Launch Party on 9th April and our Thank You Party on 30th April at The Old England in Montpelier, Bristol. Show your support for Pigpen Radio by pledging to our Crowdfunder!