Void Reunion – bigbeat and trip hop dj set

Back in the noughties some friends and I ran an online community called Out Of The Void that was dedicated to the South Coast UK underground electronic music scene. Later in the decade along came MySpace then Facebook then Twitter. Lots of smaller online forums, including Out Of The Void, died off as everyone moved on or moved away. It seemed as if all was forgotten to internet history.

However all was not forgotten for long!

Out Of The Void

10 years later we decided to have a reunion for old times sake. So we all dusted off our tunes and our headphones and got our rave on! Oh and what a night it was. The dancefloor was packed all night with 30-somethings throwing shapes, pulling muscles and doing our backs in while jumping about as if we were 20 again. It was lots of fun catching up with everyone and hearing all those old classic tunes (some of which, like the rest of us, have aged better than others haha!).

In fact we had so much fun we might be doing more?!

The recordings from the night are on Mixcloud and we now have an Out Of The Void group on Facebook.