Woodsman Matt website

My friend Matt recently moved from the city to the woods to pursue a life as a woodsman. We spent today setting up a website for him to promote his craft.

You can view his website at www.woodsmanmatt.co.uk

We discussed his vision and mission as a coppice and greenwood craftsman, purchased a domain name and some sustainable web hosting from Eco Hosting, installed WordPress and chose a theme, and began to add content to the site. It was a long and productive day. Both Matt and I are pleased with the results.

“I’m getting enquiries & compliments on it already! Cheers Spoll, loving your work.”

Always good to have positive feedback. If you are in need of some guidance to get a website up and running, particularly if you are involved with a community organisation or your work is related to sustainability, please email russ@spollin.com or call 07900 506969 I’ll be happy to have a chat.