Shift Bristol permaculture education

Shift Bristol are an organisation that provide “holistic, solutions based and hands-on education in preparation for a low-carbon, dynamic and community centred future”. They are champions of permaculture, “a system of agricultural and social design principles centered on simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems”.

Last night I attended one of their Twilight Talks at The Old Library, a series of events that offer “a range of insightful and inspirational evening talks and performances from some of the leading lights in permaculture and sustainability”. The speaker was Lachlan McKenzie, who spoke about his experiences of implementing community driven permaculture solutions in Indonesia. Together with the local community in East Timor, he is producing A Tropical Permaculture Guidebook to share permaculture practices with others, particular with those wishing to implement permaculture design in developing nations.

To find out more about upcoming permaculture events in the South West visit the Shift Bristol and Sarah Pugh websites.