Hemp gifts for Solstice

My wife and I tend not to celebrate Christmas so much however we do celebrate Solstice as it is also our wedding anniversary. This year we each happened to get each other gifts made from hemp.

Hemp is an ecologically responsible natural fibre that can be grown and processed in an environmentally sustainable way into many products including food and clothing.

I bought my wife milled hemp seed which can be used in a similar way to milled linseed, for example in porridge and cooking, and a hemp tea which is naturally relaxing and good as a bed time tea.  I picked these up from Hempen who had a stall at a Bristol Cannabis Club social event.

My wife bought me some very warm and comfortable socks which I am very pleased to have considering the current cold snap of weather due over the coming months. They are manufactured by Hempiness and sold by The Hemp Shop.

If you’ve never heard of hemp before or know a bit about it and would like to find our more I recommend a web search using the search engine duckduckgo.com as there’s lots of informative sources out there all about this amazing plant.