Off Grid Festival 2017

I’ve just finished a week of work in the production office and clearing up recycling at the inspirational Off Grid Festival, a community gathering at Goffins Land (home to the Biophilia Project) all about exploring sustainable ways of living.

There were lots of mind-expanding talks and many incredible people attending. Everyone whom I spoke to had pioneering views on the current state and future development of our civilisation. Some of my many highlights include a screening of The Economics of Happiness and a Q&A with the creator, a screening of We The Uncivilised, A Life Story and a deep discussion afterwards, listening to ancient fables and epic tales as told by Hedgespoken, spending Exeter Pounds on pints of locally brewed ale, and learning to shoot a crossbow with Sylvan Adventures.

Above all else, it was the amazing people who come together and contribute toward this gathering that will stick with me as the most magical experience of the week. I strongly recommend Off Grid Festival to everyone, particularly those who recognise some of the problems of current human behaviour and are seeking inspiration to contribute toward a positive future for us all.