Green Man Festival 2017

My wife and I are currently working with the litter picking team at Green Man Festival. The festival is located on Glanusk Estate in the Breacon Beacons Nastional Park. It is truly a beautiful part of the world with amazing views across the local area.

We’ve been working hard clearing up the site, picking litter, servicing bins and rubbish collection points, sorting recycling in the triage area, and more of the usual that’s needed to ensure an event site is returned to a clean and tidy state. Compared to many other festivals we’ve worked at this year, this one is relatively clean with well sorted recycling and not much loose litter in the campsites or arenas. This is a testament to the work that has been put in over the years to ensure what the waste is managed as it should be.

This was our first ever Green Man but we didn’t actually make it to the show days! We were otherwise engaged so did not arrive on site until the Sunday night. Next year we plan to come earlier to enjoy the entertainment over the weekend.